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This course will help you rise to the challenges of mid-semester blues. You set the pace through these six lessons which are designed to help you re-center after the whirlwind of starting a new semester, keep the connection to your teaching spirit strong, and infuse your daily interactions with students and colleagues with a breath of positivity. Course includes readings, journal prompts, guided meditations, suggested music and links to further resources. Each of the six lessons is designed to take about 30 minutes, with applications you can practice anytime to enhance your work and life.


Objectives (You Will Be Able To)

YWBAT identify and practice a brief centering activity that you can practice daily, whenever you need it.

YWBAT call out negativity traps, be they a person, space or activity and remove yourself from them.

YWBAT recognize and build upon positive people, spaces and activities and engage with and secure them in your life.  



This is offered as a .zip folder of downloadable pdf and M4a audio files. You will recieve an email with the folder that is available for you to download for 30 days after purchase.

30 minute phone consultations during the course are available as needed at a discounted rate! Email for more information!

Course includes readings, journal prompts, guided meditations, and links to further resources.

Recentering Mid-Semester

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