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Course Description

There is little mention in the mainstream media about building level administrators; principals, assistant principals, deans, etc. Teachers’ stories make headlines and waves more often, leaving much of principals’ work a behind-the-scenes phenomenon. While not diminishing the work of teachers or the struggles they face in their classrooms, I want to bring focus to the unique job of the building principal. Specifically, this course will take principals through a series of self-reflections, readings and meditations intended to help you find space for yourself and your own spirit within the intense challenges of leading your school. We’ll cover the concept of bridging (Bringing in the good from your external environment) and buffering (protecting faculty, staff and students from negativity in the external environment) as well as help you give yourself permission to just let things be. This is possible by balancing your first five chakras through meditation and mindfulness. Principals, I’ve been where you are! I believe this course will help you work and live differently, in connection with your own spirit.


Objectives (You Will Be Able To)

YWBAT listen deeply to your own spirit’s voice as you refine your personal vision and ambition.

YWBAT reflect upon the true reality of your daily work at your school and compare that with your personal vision and intentions, finding ways to bring your vision forward.

YWBAT identify how you bridge and buffer your faculty and students from external pressure and consider that in terms of your personal vision, intentions and spirit.

YWBAT develop a process to let go of what does not fit your personal vision and spirit.

Leading From Your Deep Intention and Spirit

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