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How did I get here??

The alarm never actually went off in the morning. I would open my eyes a couple of minutes before the buzz, almost without fail. Immediately, my mind ticked off the to dos: pack a lunch for my son Aden, check email for where the meeting was supposed to be, get coverage for 5th grade music class, run a fire drill, and on and on and on. I’d move as quickly as I could to the bathroom, where my clothes for the day were already picked out, hanging on the hook on the wall. Hair and

Missing the Fellowship

I'm lucky - I usually have pretty good timing with things. It just so happened that back when I was a social studies teacher (grades 7-8) our school district pushed out a new approach to collaboration called Critical Friends Groups (CFG). Have you heard of them? In a nutshell, teachers voluntarily get together twice a month for 90 minutes - 2 hours to reflect upon their practice and their students’ work. They are guided by a facilitator who knows how to match a protocol with

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