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A way to work and live differently

Seek quiet, create & connect, heal 


Reviving Your Spirit!

Join me and members of our teaching community in reviving your spirit - your teaching spirit - against all odds. I know what your day looks and feels like from those minutes before the alarm even rings, to the last bell, through your interminable faculty meeting or case conference. As I stepped back from the daily operations (and tears, hugs, drama and little victories) of the school day, I saw a different way of working and living that I went after. I want to share with you how you can do that too, so you can feel excited and happy to walk into your school every day with energy to devote to your students and plenty left for your family and friends, and most importantly, for yourself!

I live in lovely southern Indiana, though I grew up near St. Louis, Missouri. There was very little question that I would be a teacher when I grew up. Since leadership came naturally, I also realized that being a principal would be in my future too. I taught middle school social studies, then became a middle school assistant principal, then an elementary school principal. I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy, studying a variety of current problems of practice, but focusing mostly on efficacy and the principalship. I also currently contract with an educational research institute as well as a private consulting firm. Advocating for public schools and those who exist inside of them is my life's work. 


Explore the rest of this site to learn more about what is offered, and get in touch with any questions. The Teaching Spirit is here for you.


Exceeding Your Expectations

Tiny Dots


Find your way

Feeling stuck or uninspired in your teaching or administrative career? Maybe you need support getting through a trying year (we've all had those!) or just want to reconnect with your teaching spirit. Working together, we'll find a way forward to nurture your soul and develop practical ways to "do school," all without losing your unique self to the system.
Lucy understands faculty dynamics, the trials and tribulations of working with difficult parents and the many aspects of school leadership.

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Tiny Dots


Find your community

This is not the teacher’s lounge. This is not a hot take by the office mailboxes. This isn’t about instructional strategies or behavior management. This is for you!
This is about reviving your spirit among people who get it, about being seen and heard. This is about reconnecting with your spirit and finding the strength in community to work differently. This is about living differently!
We're not about tips and tricks for your classrooms or schools. Group sessions are meant to explore different ways to reconnect with your essential spirit, through journaling, reading, meditating, chakra energy work, and deep listening.

Contact Lucy to learn more about group sessions, or design one for your faculty, or set of educator friends!

Color Stain


Journey at your own pace. Courses are added regularly - check back often! Courses are a combination of readings, meditations, audio/video, journal prompts and more. Courses are purchased in a downloadable zip folder and includes files such as pdf or mp3. 

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Summer Renewal Journey for Teachers


Take off your teacher hat and breathe! Give yourself time this summer to relax in a calm, engaging atmosphere created just for you, by people who have been in your shoes. Learn how to quiet your mind, listen to your inner voice and express yourself. Gain tools to sustain these lessons after summer has ended so you can glide back into school with a new compassionate mindset. Meet teachers who feel like you do and want to take better care of themselves, too. This journey is co-led by Lucy Fischman, and Nancy Kalina, a certified Martha Beck LifeCoach, and takes place in Bloomington, IN.

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The Teaching Spirit is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, or special requests? Are you wondering if this is the right space for you? (Hint - it is!) Don't hesitate to reach out. Lucy will be in touch within 48 hours. 

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